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 (Oregon only)

The batch name is the name of the strain or product that will be used on the Certificate of Analysis report.


Your batch ID is simply the local inventory number you have assigned to your batch. It is not required but helps us facilitate the sampling process.

Is this batch in Metrc?

Any batch tracked through Metrc must be assigned a Metrc batch number.

The Metrc batch number is the 24-digit ID assigned to each batch. The medical lot number is the OMMP equivalent and does not apply to recreational businesses.

The batch size for flower and extracts is the weight of the batch, for cannabis products it is the number of units for sale. Note that a batch of flower may not exceed 15 lbs.

 (required for batch sizes in units)

The quantity per retail unit is how many edibles or other items are being sold in one packaged product.

   per unit
e.g. 12 gummies in 1 package for sale = 12 per unit.

Requested testing

 (1-2 Business Days Turnaround)

A rush order will receive higher priority in our testing queue and yield a COA within 1-2 business days. Subject to additional charges.

 (required for edibles/products)

The target potency is the expected concentration of the primary cannabinoid (CBD or THC) in your sample. Most useful for cannabis products or tinctures, this number allows us to deliver the most accurate result faster.

 (required for mg/unit target potency)

The unit size is the size or volume of a cannabis product and is required if the target potency is specified is mg/unit.

Pre-harvest Hemp?

Already has control study?

A control study reduces the number of samples that need to be taken as defined in OAR 333-007-0440.

R&D Test?

An R&D test indicates that it cannot be legally used for compliance purposes. While this is not indicated in Metrc, it is specified on the Certificate of Analysis.

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